VIPER™ Shield Enhanced Space Saver Partitions

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Portable Viper Shield

For nearly half a century, fleets have trusted Pro-gard’s Prisoner Transport Partitions to protect their officers inside the vehicle. Now Pro-gard’s Partitions are able to protect the officer outside of the vehicle as well.

Pro-gard has recently partnered with Viper Innovative Products, LLC to manufacture the VIPER™ Shield Enhanced Space Saver Partition for police package vehicles. The VIPER Shield Enhanced Space Saver Partition provides the means for patrol officers to quickly protect themselves against unanticipated gun fire with the rapid deployment of a ballistic shield conveniently stowed, on the backside of the vehicle’s Prisoner Transport Partition.

This new technology is a unique and efficient way to equip patrol officers with rapid deployment ballistic protection against the unexpected situations they risk facing, on any given day. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for patrol officers to encounter gun fire while managing everyday situations like serving warrants, making traffic stops, or responding to domestic disputes. This becomes a critical moment where they find themselves needing more protection than a standard ballistic vest. The situation can escalate so rapidly that the officer does not have time to wait for a SWAT team and must respond to the situation. In times like this, immediate access to a convenient, easy to reach ballistic shield can be the component that saves the officer’s life.

The VIPER Shield Enhanced Space Saver Partition features the same reliable features and benefits of Pro-gard’s existing line of Space Saver Partitions that offer increased space in the driver’s compartment for storing weapons. The addition of the patented VIPER Shield technology enhances the partition by providing rapid deployment of an NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Shield that releases in seconds.

Chad Martin, patrol officer, inventor, and co-founder of Viper Innovative Products visualized the product design out of a desire to increase officer safety. The patented technology is comprised of a lightweight ballistic composite panel finished with a durable ABS trim and ballistic view port. Weighing only 8.5 lbs, the shield can be easily grasped and removed from the partition. The flexible nylon handle and elastic arm band allow the officer to wield the shield with one-handed operation — leaving the other hand free to manage a weapon or other items as necessary.

2014 August Viper Shield Partition