About Us

Since 1968, Pro-gard Products has provided the safest, most durable law enforcement products designed to perform on the open road.  We take pride in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into making our products the safest and most reliable in the industry. Pro-gard is proud to offer our products to the entire United States as well as many foreign markets.  As a company we can provide everything you will need to protect yourself and your vehicle from the uncertainties that happen each and every day.

Partition historical photoIn 1968, Pro-gard was established with one mission in mind. That mission was to build a better protective product for the officer during prisoner transports. The founders of Pro-gard developed our first Prisoner Transport Partition for a local agency that soon caught on with other nearby departments. With that Pro-gard was off to a great start developing much needed products for police fleets.

In the 7o’s Pro-gard was acquired by a local plastics manufacturer. This company maintained the vision of developing problem solving products for the law enforcement industry with the addition of the ABS Prisoner Transport Seats.

As the company continued its growth through the 80’s and 90’s,other product lines were brought on to solve more problems for departments. Some of the products we still proudly manufacture today including VehicleTrade show display historical photo Anti-theft Systems, Gun Racks, Push Bumpers, Trunk and Seat Organizers, as well as the previously mentioned Prisoner Transport Partitions and Prisoner Transport Seats and Floor Pans.

Pro-gard continues its tradition of developing problem solving products for the law enforcement market today as we continue to expand our product offerings to accommodate the needs of the agencies and departments we serve. Our most recent product growth has been with the acquisition of two established product families, the AOI Electrical Airbag On/off Switch and the Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System. These Electronic Vehicle Protection Products have expanded our company into a new direction for providing safety equipment for police fleets.

We value the trust that we have built with agencies, end users, and distributors over nearly a half century and look forward to our continued partnerships within the industry as we continue to grow and develop the products that meet the needs of the law enforcement community.