Storage Drawers

Pro-gard’s Aluminum Storage Drawers are designed to help compartmentalize the cargo area, creating manageable spaces to store duty gear and equipment for easy locating when the situation demands.



  • 12.25″ of clearance space in Ford’s PI Utility
  • 12.75″ of clearance space in Chevrolet’s Tahoe
  • Push Button lock release/handle combo for one-handed entry
  • Offers maximum protection against moisture, sunlight, regular wear and tear ensuring the product’s dependability and longevity
  • Maintains OEM’s visibility
  • Can accommodate weapons up to 40″ long
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pro-gard’s PI Utility Cargo Area Organizer
  • Mounts with or without Pro-gard’s Cargo Barrier

Storage Drawer Spec Sheet (PDF)

Vehicle Availability Guides Link

CHEVY Tahoe Install Guide (PDF)

FORD PI Utility Install Guide (PDF)

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