Storage Drawers

Pro-gard’s Aluminum Storage Drawers are designed to help compartmentalize the cargo area, creating manageable spaces to store duty gear and equipment for easy locating when the situation demands.



  • 12.25″ of clearance space in Ford’s PI Utility
  • 12.75″ of clearance space in Chevrolet’s Tahoe
  • Push Button lock release/handle combo for one-handed entry
  • Offers maximum protection against moisture, sunlight, regular wear and tear ensuring the product’s dependability and longevity
  • Maintains OEM’s visibility
  • Can accommodate weapons up to 40″ long
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pro-gard’s PI Utility Cargo Area Organizer
  • Mounts with or without Pro-gard’s Cargo Barrier

Storage Drawer Spec Sheet (PDF)

Vehicle Availability Guides Link

CHEVY Tahoe Install Guide (PDF)

CHEVY Tahoe Install Guide 2021

FORD PI Utility Install Guide (PDF)

FORD PI Utility 2020 Install Guide (PDF)

FORD PI Utility 2020 Install Guide – Free Standing (PDF)

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