Universal Push Bumpers

Pro-gard’s Universal Push Bumpers are designed for performance, integration, and durability. Our Push Bumpers are engineered to integrate with the ever-changing police vehicle design, making our product easily transferable. The black powder coated finish eliminates corrosion and the steel constructed push bumpers are designed for easy installation and maximum protection.


  • Integrated LED® Options: Non-Lit, Integrated Dominator™ TIR3™ Super-LED® Series or ION™ LED® Lightheads
  • LED® Pattern Options: All Red, All Blue or Half Red & Half Blue Lightheads
  • No Holes Drilled installation that utilizes existing OEM mounting points for a quicker install
  • Rugged steel construction ensures a more durable, longer bumper life
  • Black powder coated finish prevents corrosion extending the life of the product
  • Mar-resistant rubber padding provides additional protection to the bumper
  • Universal design allows the Push Bumper to be transferred from one Police Package Vehicle to another with a transfer kit*
  • The Universal Sedan Push Bumper is transferable between the Chevy Caprice, Chevy Impala, Ford PI Sedan, Ford F-150 and the Dodge Charger
  • The Universal SUV Push Bumper is transferable between the Chevy Tahoe and Ford PI Utility

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