Tri-Lock Self-Supporting Gun Rack

Pro-gard’s Tri-Lock Self-Supporting Gun Racks can secure up to two long guns and one handgun and be within easy reach of the officer. The Self-supporting Mount is perfect for detective, supervisor, and other police cruisers that do not utilize a partition.



  • Available for either single or dual long gun mounting and secures a single handgun
  • Mounts vertically on a Self-Supporting Mount
  • Maximum ability to accommodate various weapon types and accessories
  • Adjustable brackets, lock heads and mounting location
  • Black powder-coated steel
  • No Holes Drilled for easy install
  • Customized to meet the specifications for each officer’s weapons; eliminating road rattle
  • Easy access and doesn’t interfere with driver’s range of motion
  • Choose from three different styles of gun lock override keys for the long guns: straight, vending, or handcuff
  • Each rack comes with a momentary switch and 8-second timer
  • Does not require the use of our “Gun Rack Order Form”

Tri-Lock Weapon Mounting System Spec Sheet (PDF)

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