Universal Push Bumpers

Pro-gard’s Universal Push Bumpers are designed for performance, integration, and durability. Our Push Bumpers are engineered to integrate with the ever-changing police vehicle design, making our product easily transferable. The black powder coated finish eliminates corrosion and the steel constructed push bumpers are designed for easy installation and maximum protection.



  • Integrated LED® Options: Non-Lit, Integrated Dominator™ TIR3™ Super-LED® Series or ION™ LED® Lightheads
  • LED® Pattern Options: All Red, All Blue or Half Red & Half Blue Lightheads
  • No Holes Drilled installation that utilizes existing OEM mounting points for a quicker install
  • Rugged steel construction ensures a more durable, longer bumper life
  • Black powder coated finish prevents corrosion extending the life of the product
  • Mar-resistant rubber padding provides additional protection to the bumper
  • Universal design allows the Push Bumper to be transferred from one Police Package Vehicle to another with a transfer kit*
  • The Universal Sedan Push Bumper is transferable between the Chevy Caprice, Chevy Impala, Ford PI Sedan, Ford F-150 and the Dodge Charger
  • The Universal SUV Push Bumper is transferable between the Chevy Tahoe and Ford PI Utility

Universal Push Bumpers Spec Sheet (PDF)

All Vehicle Availability Guides Link

CHEVY Caprice Install Guide (PDF)

CHEVY Impala Install Guide (PDF)

CHEVY Tahoe Install Guide (PDF)

DODGE Charger Install Guide (PDF)

FORD F-150 Install Guide (PDF)

FORD PI Sedan Install Guide (PDF)

FORD PI Utility Install Guide (PDF)

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