SAFESTOP® Vehicle Anti-theft System

Pro-gard’s SAFESTOP® Vehicle Anti-theft System protects your fleet and officers with the turn of a key. Our product’s “Always On Protection” component provides weapons, electronics and expensive duty gear 24/7 protection.




  • Vehicle protection is engaged once key is removed from the ignition
  • The anti-theft function allows the vehicle to remain running even after the ignition key is removed; with the ignition key removed, the shifter is locked. This function can only be overridden when the ignition key is reinserted
  • The Gun Lock Secure feature can prevent the theft of weapons stored in an electronic gun rack
  • The Trunk Lock Secure feature prevents access to trunk contents
  • Vehicle maintains complete functionality of most electronic operations including air-conditioning and heat; surveillance equipment, radios, lights, sirens, computers, and more without leaving the vehicle vulnerable to theft
  • “Always On Protection” option kills the engine instantly with the Brake Pedal Override
  • Minimal amp draw
  • Low profile housing fits below the dash

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