Retractable OSB’s

Pro-gard’s Retractable Outboard Seat Belts feature a central undermount mount point for the belts to retract into the Prisoner Transport Seat when not engaged in a buckle or following release of the tongue from the buckle. Outboard seatbelts eliminate the need for the officer to lean across the prisoner to restrain them into the vehicle.


  • Eliminates officer’s need to reach across the
    prisoner to secure the OEM seat belt buckle
  • Minimize engagement with prisoners and
    unpleasant bio-hazard situations
  • Duty gear is less vulnerable/accessible
  • Two female buckles: stored position is located
    out of the way on partition to keep prisoner
    disentangled when loading and unloading,
    lock position is at lap level for securing
    prisoner for transport
  • Stored buckle fits between door and partition’s
    exterior side when door is closed
  • Locked buckle fits between door and seat’s
    exterior side when door is closed
  • The bright “Pro-gard Blue” straps provide a
    high contrast with gray seats and partitions
    for better success when initially loading
    prisoner for transport
  • Satin weave of straps makes adjusting straps
    around prisoner quick and easy
  • Designed to work exclusively with Pro-gard’s
    current Prisoner Transport Seats