Rear Window Guards

Pro-gard’s Rear Window Guards are the perfect theft deterrents for the cargo area in SUVs. The SUV with a wrap-around style window design leaves equipment, electronics and duty gear highly visible, our product adds a layer of protection to the vehicle while enhancing officer safety.

  • 3 Piece Window Guard Set
  • Provides Maximum Visibility
  • Prevents break-ins due to the highly visible cargo area
  • Fits PI Utilities with or without the Ford “Ready for the Road Rear Lighting Package”
  • Installs underneath window trim
  • Lightweight construction will not wear out the actuators of the rear hatch
  • Steel frame construction with black powder coat finish
  • Durable, 1/8” Wire Screen with 2” spacing that won’t hinder driver’s rear window visibility
  • Includes: Rear Cargo Door Window Guard, Pair of Rear Side Window Guards, Poly Space Fillers for vehicles without the Ford “Ready for the Road Package”,  Mounting Hardware

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