Pro-Cell P1826

Pro-Cell P1826

The P1826 design is the solution to safely transport dual prisoners: male/female, junior/adult, etc. The partition’s versatile design compartmentalizes the back seat to accommodate two prisoners allowing offers maximum efficiency and safety.


  • P1826 allows for full travel movement and substantial recline of driver’s seat
  • The dual cage is engineered to transport male/female, adult/juvenile, domestic disputes, etc.
  • Includes: Full Partition, Full Roll Bar, Transport Seat, Floor Pan, Pair of Door Panels, Pair of Window Armor, Lower Extension Panel, Recessed Panel, Poly Divider, Poly Window Divider
  • In SUVs, the Poly Window Cargo Barrier encloses the space behind the prisoner to prevent hiding contraband into the cargo area
  • Optional single or dual vertical weapon mounting racks available
  • Easy to clean and sanitize surfaces keep the prisoner area free of any pathogens
  • Clear Poly Center Divider area attaches firmly to seat, partition, and speaker deck (in sedans) or the Cargo Barrier in SUVs to create a sturdy barrier through the middle of the rear seat
  • Patented Airbag Compatible Wings Protection
  • Optional Outboard Seat Belt Kits

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