Pro-Cell P1300

The P1300 1/3 Cage offers a higher level of containment than standard partitioned vehicles by confining the prisoner to only 1/3 of the back seat of the 2020 Ford Interceptor Utility. Our one-third partition’s versatile design allows full functionality of the driver’s seat along with the convenience of not having to remove the entire OEM second-row seats.


  • Partition resides solely behind the passenger seat, leaving the area behind the driver seat open for additional equipment storage
  • Includes: Includes: 1/3 Partition, Transport Seat, Floor Pan, Passenger Side Door Panel and Window Armor, Lower Extension Panel, OSB, Poly Divider, and Cargo Barrier with Poly Window
  • Available for the 2020 Ford Interceptor Utility
  • Clear Poly Center Divider attaches firmly to seat and partition
  • Transport Seat sits 6" lower than OEM seat
  • Easy to clean and sanitize surfaces
  • Full access to 2/3 OEM back seat
  • Optional single or dual vertical gun rack mounting
  • Driver’s seat has full travel and recline movement
  • Ideal for transporting a car seat or non-detainee passenger when necessary
  • Patented Airbag Compatible Wings Protection

*Does not include driver side window armor or door panel

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