Pro-Cell P1000

The P1000 Half Cage offers a higher level of containment than standard partitioned vehicles by confining the prisoner to only half the back seat. Our half partition’s versatile design allows full functionality of the driver’s seat along with the convenience of additional storage space behind the officer.


  • Partition resides solely behind the passenger seat, leaving area behind driver seat open for additional equipment storage
  • Includes: Half Partition, Transport Seat, Floor Pan, Pair of Door Panels, Pair of Window Armor, Lower Extension Pan, Poly Divider, Poly Window Divider, SUVs come with a Cargo Barrier
  • In SUVs, the Poly Window Cargo Barrier encloses the space behind the prisoner to prevent dropping contraband/evidence into the cargo area
  • Clear Poly Center Divider attaches firmly to seat, partition, and speaker deck
  • Easy to clean and sanitize surfaces
  • Optional single or dual vertical gun rack mounting
  • Driver’s seat has full travel and recline movement
  • Optional Outboard Seat Belt Kits
  • Patented Airbag Compatible Wings Protection

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