HD Push Bumpers

Pro-gard’s HD Push Bumpers are engineered to offer law enforcement the best solution when it comes to officer and vehicle protection. Each HD Push Bumper is uniquely designed for each vehicle make and model for maximum coverage, durability and visibility. Our Push Bumpers are steel constructed allowing officers to remove stranded vehicles to safety without fear of compromising the bumper structure.


  • Designed to fit the contours of each vehicle make and model for complete coverage and visibility
  • Integrated LED® Options: Non-Lit, Integrated Dominator TIR3TM Super-LED® Series or IONTM LED® Lightheads
  • LED® Pattern Options: All Red, All Blue or Half Red & Half Blue Lightheads
  • No Holes Drilled installation utilizes existing OEM holes and slots for quicker installation
  • Rugged steel construction ensures a longer, more durable life for the bumper
  • Pre-cut holes and slots in the bumper allow for mounting auxiliary lighting and speakers
  • Black powder coated finish prevents corrosion extending the life of the product
  • Mar-resistant, extra wide, rubber padding provides additional protection to the bumper
  • Rubber pads encase the bumper’s edge for dependable coverage
  • Optional Wire Cover Panels are available to enclose wiring for additional lights and sirens


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