HD Fender Wraps

Pro-gard’s Fender Wraps are a protection accessory for the front-end fascia of police vehicles. HD Fender Wraps can clear the roads of abandoned, disabled or damaged vehicles, preserve the most frequently damaged areas of the front end and provide additional mounting for exterior lighting.


  • 5 inches of pushing surface height for added stability and control around the vehicle’s front end
  • Securely attaches to Pro-gard’s HD Push Bumpers
  • Easy installation utilizes existing OEM mounting points
  • Design conforms to each vehicle’s profile for incomparable coverage
  • Available in non-lighted or with integrated LEDs
  • Improved rugged aluminum construction ensures a longer, more durable life for the fender
  • Designed to integrate aesthetics and functionality with Pro-gard’s HD Push Bumpers

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