AOI Electrical Air Bag Control Switches

Our patented AOI Electrical Front Passenger and Side Curtain Airbags On/Off Control Switches provide officers the solution to perform without the threat of damage to themselves and vehicles when their airbag is deployed. The side curtain switch protects aftermarket equipment mounted on the front dash and the ability to use rigid wing partition filler panels.

Features & Benefits

  • AOI Electrical Front Passenger Air Bag Control Switch deactivates airbags on the passenger side dash to protect all mounted electronic equipment such as cameras, radar, video, and LPR systems
  • AOI Electrical Side Curtain Air Bag Control Switch eliminates conflict between airbags, rigid wing partition filler panels and the partition
  • Our patented design works with both dual and single stage airbags
  • The small profile box fits easily under the dash or other confined spaces
  • Key operated switches can be turned off to protect equipment mounted in the airbag deployment zone or on to protect a passenger seated behind the airbag as needed
  • Each switch is tested to 100,000 cycles to ensure quality and reliability
  • Exceeds all federal requirements
  • NHTSA allows vehicles used in emergency situations to install frontal airbag deactivation switches, see additional information for a sample letter fleets can use to request acknowledgment from NHTSA
  • NHTSA does not currently govern the deactivation of side curtain airbags
  • Most municipal insurance plans compensate for airbag deactivation switches
  • Smaller remote status lights are available for situations where the airbag switch is mounted in a glove compartment, underneath the dash, or other location that obstructs visibility to the driver in order to keep mounting locations in accordance with NHTSA regulations

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