Tri-Lock Weapon Mounting System


Officers need to have their weapons at the ready when the situation demands but, locked and secured when they need to step away from the vehicle. Pro-gard has been a trusted name  with fleets when it comes to to locking down weapons for many years.

Now, continuing the tradition of listening to the fleet needs, we are excited to showcase our Tri-Lock Weapon Mounting System at PFE for the first time!  This weapon mounting system gives officers the flexibility to mount two long weapons in either a Vertical Partition Mount or a Self-supporting Mount. It accommodates nearly any weapon and any accessory your officers put on their guns. The Locks and bracketry can be fixed at the time of installation to allow for variations, in officer preferences, within the fleet.

Totally new for your weapon mounting needs is our Hand Gun Lock-Box that provides ample space to house even a moderate sized hand gun. Our key/lock system will give your officers the peace of mind they need knowing that their gun is secure when not holstered.

For more information about upfitting your fleet with our Vertical Partition Mount and Self-supporting Mount Tri-Lock systems, please contact us at 800.480.6680, we are happy to help!