Press Releases

Icon for Trunk Mount Gun Rack Press ReleaseProduct Announcement – Trunk Mount Gun Racks
Gun Rack options for sedan trunks
Read the Release: October 2016 Trunk Mount Gun Racks


Icon for Press Release on SSV Truck ProductsProduct Announcement – Increased SSV Truck Product Line
Now available, Prisoner Transport Products for the SSV Package Trucks
Read the Release: April 2016 SSV Truck Products


Icon for Press Release on Aluminum Storage DrawersProduct Announcement – Aluminum Storage Drawers
Easy to install storage option for your fleet of SUVs!
Read the Release: June 2015 Aluminum Storage Drawers


PR_image_prisoner_transport_lightingProduct Announcement – “Transporter” Front Seat Covers
Innovative option for front seat prisoner transport
Read the Release: June 2015 “Transporter” Front Seat Covers


PR_tahoe_iconProduct Announcement – Outboard Seat Belts
Now Available
Read the Release: Outboard Seat Belts


PR_tahoe_iconProduct Announcement – 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Products
Now Available
Read the Release:  2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV Products


PR_image_new_rear_Window_guardsProduct Announcement – Rear Window Guards
Easily discourage would be thefts of your officer’s duty gear and weapons
Read the Release:  March 2014 Rear Window Guards



Product Announcement – Trunk Organizer for the Ford PI Sedan
Quickly improve storage options with the quick and easy addition of trunk organizers
 Read the Release:  June 2013 PI Sedan Organizer


PR_image_prisoner_transport_lightingProduct Announcement – LED Prisoner Transport Lighting
Make the prisoner transport area visible at all times, even at night
 Read the Release: June 2013 Prisoner Transport Lighting


PR_image_motorcycle_gun_rackProduct Announcement – Motorcycle Gun Rack
Equip your motor patrol officers with the ability to conceal an AR on their bike
Read the Release: 2013 Aug Motorcycle Gun Rack



Product Announcement – Integrated ION LED Lightbars
More options for integrated LED lighting on Universal Push Bumpers
 Read the Release: 2013 July ION Push Bumpers



Product Announcement – Space Saver Plus Partition
The latest innovation in Prisoner Partition Products
 Read the Release: 2012 June Space Saver Plus Partitions



Product Announcement – Weapon/Storage Drawer
The latest in new products for the Ford Utility Interceptor
 Read the Release: 2012 May Weapon/Storage Drawer



Product Availability – Now Shipping Ford Interceptor Products
Full product offering for the new Ford Interceptors
 Read the Release: 2012 April Ford Interceptor Products



Product Availability – 2012 Chevrolet Caprice Products
2012 Caprice Partition and Push Bumper Join Pro-gard’s Universal Product Lines
 Read the Release: 2011 Dec Caprice Universal Products



Product Announcement – Caprice Trunk Organizer
Gain Storage Space in Your Caprice Trunk
 Read the Release: 2012 Nov Caprice Trunk Organizer



Product Announcement – SUV Push Bumper Improvements
40% taller and 20% wider
 Read the Release: 2011 May SUV Push Bumper Improvements



Product Acquisition – Pro-gard Purchases Safetop International
Better opportunities for product development
 Read the Release: 2011 May Safestop International Acquisition



Product Acquisition – Pro-gard Purchases AOI Electrical
Broadens Portfolio of Vehicle Safety Equipment with Airbag Control Switches
 Read the Release: 2009 AOI Electrical Acquisition


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Product Announcement – SUV Cargo Cabinets
New options for mounting weapons and storing gear
 Read the Release:2009 Cargo Cabinet Products


press release iconProduct Announcement – XPush Bumper
Protect  your cruisers with our heavy duty wrap style bumper
 Read the Release: 2009 XPush Bumper Products


press release iconProduct Announcement – Ballistic Door Panels
Protect the officers in your most dangerous beats
 Read the Release: 2009 Ballistic Door Panels


press release iconProduct Announcement – Polycarbonate Window Armor
Get a less aggressive window armor
 Read the Release: 2009 Polycarbonate Window Armor


press release iconProduct Availability – Prisoner Transport Seats
Now shipping for the Chevrolet Tahoe
 Read the Release: 2009 Chevy Tahoe Transports Seat


press release iconProduct Announcement – Gun Rack for the F150
Our Popular Partition Mount now available for the F150
 Read the Release: 2009 F150 Partition Mount Gun Rack


press release iconProduct Availability- Dodge Charger & Chevrolet Impala
Now shipping products for the latest Police Package Vehicles
 Read the Release: June 2008 Charger Impala Products