Rear Window Guards

Rear Window Guards for the Ford PI Utility
Rear Window Guards shown in a Ford PI Utility

With the introduction of Ford’s PI Utility, during the past year here at Pro-gard, we have seen more and more fleets switch to the SUV platform over sedans. From what we are hearing, one of the main reasons for this switch is not only the spaciousness of the transport area for passengers but also, the cargo area that opens up a vast amount of space for storage.

One perceived vulnerability to the SUV platform though is that gear stored in the cargo area is openly visible from the exterior of the vehicle. This can encourage break-ins and theft of highly visible expensive weapons and duty gear inside the police vehicle. The addition of Rear Window Guards to the back windows of the SUV eliminates the easy access, break-in option of smashing out a window.

When Pro-gard designed our Rear Window Guards, we considered a lot of fleet feedback regarding officer preferences. Our two biggest concerns were that the guards do not impact the driver’s rear window visibility and maintaining the quality design of all our products that values quick and easy installations and smooth fit/finish.

As always, the officer comfort is very important with regards to the police cruiser being their mobile office. Maintaining their field of vision out the rear windows is of dire importance. Also with regards to the officer, we’ve designed our mounting style to fit underneath the OEM trim panels for not only a clean look and rests close to the window, it also eliminates and rough edges for clothing or arms to scrape against.

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