AOI Front Passenger Airbag On/Off Control Switch
Airbag illustration to demonstrate the deployment zone in a Dodge ChargerRASL_with_harnessRASL with box back

2011-2014 Dodge Charger AOI Front Passenger Airbag On/off Control Switch

The sheer force of an airbag deployment is extremely powerful. So much so that, it can cause objects in its deployment path to become dangerous projectiles. Dash mounted electronics that are in the airbag deployments zones can quickly become expensive, dangerous weapons. Equipment should never be mounted in an airbag deployment zone for which there is a passenger seated. Our patented Airbag On/off Control Switch provides the security officers need to do their job without the fear or conflicts between the airbag and aftermarket equipment mounted on the front dash. Our airbag switches offer fleet managers and installers the peace of mind to know that damage to this expensive equipment can be greatly minimized by the absence of an airbag deployment.


  • Pro-gard highly visible LED telltale light clearly indicates if the airbag protection is turned off or on
  • Our patented design works with both dual and single stage airbags
  • The small profile box fits easily under the dash or other confined spaces
  • Each switch is tested to 100,000 cycles to ensure quality and reliability
  • Pro-gard’s AOI Airbag Switches meet and exceed all federal requirements
  • NHTSA will allow vehicles used in emergency situations to install frontal airbag deactivation switches, see additional information for a sample letter fleets can use to request acknowledgement from NHTSA
  • Many municipal insurance plans already compensate for airbag deactivation switches
  • Provides the means to deactivate airbags, opening up the passenger side of the dash to mount more electronic equipment such as cameras, radar, video, and LPR systems
  • Optional, smaller remote status lights are available for situations where the airbag switch is mounted in a glove compartment, underneath the dash, or other location that obstructs visibility to the driver in order to keep mounting locations in accordance with NHTSA regulations
  • Key operated switches can be turned off to protect equipment mounted in the zone or on to protect a passenger seated behind the airbag as needed (airbags should remain turned off anytime equipment is mounted in the airbag deployment zone

Available Products

Passenger Airbag Deactivation, Hardwire Installation, 2011 – 2014

Remote Airbag Status Light, Plug-in Installation, all vehicles

Additional Information

AOI Front Passenger Airbag On/off Control Switch Product Information Guide (PDF)
AOI Front Passenger Airbag On/off Control Switch Sell Sheet

OEM Statements Regarding Aftermarket Equipment in Airbag Deployment Zones
– 2014 OEM Airbag Zones and Aftermarket Equipment

Sample Letter of Intent to Deactivate Frontal Airbags for NHTSA Documentation
PDF Example/Sample Letter
Typable MS Word Doc

Vehicle Product Availability Guides (PDF)
2011 – 2014  Dodge Charger
Product Availability Guide for 2011-2014 Dodge Charger

Product Video Link

Installation Instructions
• 2011 – 2014: AOI Front Passenger/Driver Airbag On/Off Switches
Trouble Shooting Guide for AOI Airbag On/Off Switch Installations