AOI0004 Front Passenger Airbag On/off Control Switch
F&B AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/off Control Switch - most roof mount gun racks mount in the airbag's deployment zoneF&B AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/off Control Switch - rigid wing filler panels are not designed to flex against an airbag deployment

2010-2014 Chevrolet Tahoe AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/off Control Switch

The sheer force of an airbag deployment is extremely powerful. So much so that, it can cause objects in its deployment path to become dangerous projectiles.  Our patented Side Curtain Airbag On/off Control Switches offer agencies the ability to continue utilizing rigid wing partition filler panels without the fear of conflicts in an airbag deployment. Rigid wing partition panels are not designed to give easily under the force of an airbag deployment. It is possible that they can snap loose (or break into many pieces) and become projectiles in the event of an airbag deployment. By shutting off the side curtain airbags, fleets who prefer this style of partition can still use their preferred equipment without the fear of an airbag conflict.
Likewise, side curtain airbags are designed to deploy/drop from the area where a roof mounted weapon racks attach to the vehicle’s headliner. In such cases, should an airbag deployment occur, the consequences could be catastrophic if the weapon fires, or the gun/weapon rack are dislodged and become a projectile object. With the use of our AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/off Control Switch, this gun mounting style can be safely used with the side curtain airbags shut off.
  • Pro-gard highly visible LED telltale light clearly indicates if the airbag protection is turned off or on
  • Our patented design works with both dual and single stage airbags
  • The small profile box fits easily under the dash or other confined spaces
  • Each switch is tested to 100,000 cycles to ensure quality and reliability
  • Pro-gard’s AOI Airbag Switches meet and exceed all federal requirements
  • Many municipal insurance plans already compensate for airbag deactivation switches
  • NHTSA does not currently govern the deactivation of side curtain airbags
  • Key operated switches can be turned off to protect equipment mounted in the airbag deployment zone or on to protect a passenger seated beside the airbag as needed (airbags should remain turned off anytime equipment is mounted in the airbag deployment zone)

Available Products

Side Curtain Airbag Deactivation, Plug-in Installation, 2010 – 2014

Remote Airbag Status Light, Plug-in Installation, fits most vehicles

Additional Information

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2010 – 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe
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Installation Instructions
• 2010 – 2014: AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/Off Switches
• Troubleshooting Guide: Trouble Shooting Guide for AOI Airbag On/Off Switch Installations